In this guide, you’ll find general rules around using our brand assets and showcasing XROUND content. The rules apply to all media used.


Embrace Audio Lab elements

All Embrace Audio Lab trademarks, logos, copyrighted designs or other brand features will be used only as explicitly licensed by Embrace Audio Lab.

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Core brand elements

Our elements and marks include the XROUND name, logos, graphics and any word, phrase, image or other designation that identify XROUND as the source of any product or service. Please use these elements consistently.

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Our color

Our badge should always be reproduced in our XROUND orange whether in print or on-screen.


Product shots

If you want to show any part of XROUND in your marketing, including XPUMP and XROUND ENGINE, make sure the interface is accurately depicted based on the device shown.

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Note: Partners are responsible for obtaining all rights to any imagery represented on their display.