Embrace Audio Lab offers XROUND™ Engine– the new-generation of enterprise audio solution–  especially design for gaming and multimedia developers, and producers.
XROUND™ Engine also embedded XROUND™, the core DSP technology powered by Embrace Audio Lab, is designed to redefine the sound experiences. With XROUND™, any stereo sound sources can automatically be turned into multi-channel home-theater audios, which traditionally require complicated set-ups of up to more than 6 speakers.

Trial Kits for XROUND™ Engine are now available upon request. XROUND™ Engine could effortlessly help our partners make a difference and outperform peers in sound performance no matter what devices or kiosks they are currently developing.



XROUND™ not only extends the width and depth of the sound stage, but also reconstruct the positional sound details. The DSP technology is made to unleash the hidden power of sound in games, music and movies.


XROUND  creates an multichannel listening environment simply on stereo (left and right) speakers no need to install lousy equipment and wires. It makes our lives a lot easier!


Users are not required to adopt Dolby or DTS proprietary encoded audio format, or special equipment, XROUND can real-timely reconstructs stereo audio sources such as those Youtube clips and provide best representations.


XROUND could automatically enhance audio details and widen the sound field whatever stereo speakers and headphones people are using. Users can enjoy a portable personal home theater no matter what kind of sound sources they are listening to– including streaming music services, video games and movies, etc.

As a group of audiophiles, we repeatedly tested XROUNDon numerous sound sources including movies, video games and streaming music for a very long time to make sure it achieve the highest sound quality
To make everyone hear better, we designed XPUMP — an easy to use audio booster that supports all kinds of speakers and headphones. The thumb size XPUMP that embedded XROUND™  technology is made to revolutionize the audio industry.