Hello XROUND lovers !

TAIPEI, Taiwan — November 15, 2015

With the successful introduction of XROUND audio technology in G2E 2015 Las Vegas, more than 500 executives and industry professionals in gaming business were amazed by Embrace Audio Lab.

Through months of hard work it is the time to unveil the XROUND ENGINE and unleash the power of gaming sound.

XROUND ENGINE is a combination of a versatile audio interface, an XROUND audio processor and a powerful audio amplifier which support stereo speakers and an optional woofer. XROUND ENGINE introduction link web (DM pdf link or built in web) The past winter is extremely cold, even in Taiwan, an island in a subtropical zone it snowed a lot in many places which were the experiences we never had before.

Embrace Audio Labs hope you stay warmed and preserve enough energy for the exiting 2016.

Company Contact:
Annie Cheng