Embrace Audio Lab Rocked Computex InnoVEX 2016 by a Smart Audio Booster XPUMP

TAIPEI, Taiwan — June 7, 2016

Embrace Audio Lab, the world’s leading audio digital signal processing company, attracted more than 1,000 industry experts at Computex InnoVEX to experience its smart audio booster XPUMP, which can real-timely transform any normal stereo speakers or headphones into a premium and portable home theater.

The gum-sized XPUMP was innovated amid streaming audios reported robust 45% year-over- year growth in music industry in the year of 2015 and increasing international gamers are seeking more interactive and immersive experiences.

“We aimed to redefine the sound experience,” said Peng Lee, chief executive of Embrace Audio Lab, “No matter users are listening to a clip from YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Music, enjoying a movie with Netflix or play their favorite games on Sony PlayStation, they could upgrade the listening experience by simply plugging in the XPUMP.”

XPUMP is embedded with XROUND processing technology, a patented, exclusive audio digital signal processing algorithm, which could dynamically detect and analyze every detail in stereo audio sources and reconstructs them to optimal presentation.

To bring users’ listening experience to the next level, the innovative and sleek gadget is built with unique features:

◆Real-time Detail Boosting

XPUMP is capable of real-timely boosting the detail in every soundtrack to give people vicarious pleasure that they could only experience in a live concert, show, a theater, or a recording studio. The powerful audio algorithm is running on the dedicated dual core processor at the clock speed of 55.3 MHz, which automatically proceed and transform the melody every microsecond.

◆Dynamic Equalizer

In the past, people needed to manually select their equalizer setting for favorite songs. Now XPUMP is able to dynamically adjust the equalizer setting according to the audio detail and sound field, constantly bringing the best audio representation to users.

◆Spherical Sound Field Expansion

With XPUMP, users could feel the sound is coming from outside the speakers or a headphone and being embraced by the sound field. The angle of sound field expansion can be up to 300% of regular stereo.

◆High Quality Soundstage

XPUMP would unleash the power, the depth, and the richness of sound. Any stereo audio source can be presented with high resolution of layers for users to identify different instruments, voices, vocal parts, and natural sounds.

Designed by a group of audiophiles, XPUMP is easy to use and supports all kinds of headphones and stereo speakers. XPUMP would be available for presale in between August and September 2016 through a Kickstarter campaign and would ship worldwide by the end of this year. Connect with us on Facebook or our official web site and share your XROUND™ experience.


About Embrace Audio Lab:

Embrace Audio Lab helps people listen better and aims to revolutionize the audio industry. The company was founded by top-notched, passionate digital signal processing (DSP) audio experts, designers, engineers and audiophiles.

We specialize in audio DSP, acoustics, firmware, hardware design, and product development.


XROUND, the core DSP technology invented by Embrace Audio Lab, aims to redefines the listening experience. The XROUND algorithm could real-timely analyze and reconstruct sound details, providing the best representation of music per millisecond on just two speakers.