Embrace Audio Lab offers XROUND Engine— the new-generation of enterprise audio solution–  especially design for gaming and multimedia developers, and producers.

XROUND Engine also embedded XROUND, the core DSP technology powered by Embrace Audio Lab, is designed to redefine the sound experiences. With XROUND, any stereo sound sources can automatically be turned into multi-channel home-theater audios, which traditionally require complicated set-ups of up to more than 6 speakers. 

Trial Kits for XROUND Engine are now available upon request. XROUND Engine could effortlessly help our partners make a difference and outperform peers in sound performance no matter what devices or kiosks they are currently developing.

DSP Technology

XROUND Audio DSP Technology

Customized sound field selection (games, movies, music)

Multi-band EQ customization

Psychoacoustic bass enhancement

Embedded dual-core DSP processor

Maximum Output Power

Class -D stereo audio amplifier
up to 30W

Class -D woofer audio amplifier
up to 60W

Frequency Response

20~22K Hz, +/-0.5dB

Sampling Rate

Up to 48KHz


2.0 small-sized full range speakers
with passive radiator for bass extension

Optional subwoofer up on request



Fully compliant with USB 2.0 audio

S/PDIF optical interface

Stereo analog input

Stereo analog output for monitoring or lighting control

RS485 interface for optional host control

For questions about XROUND Engine or services, please contact us.