XROUND is an exclusive audio digital signal processing (DSP) technology designed to revolutionize your listening experience. The technology dynamically detects and analyzes every detail in stereo audio sources and reconstructs them to optimal presentation in real time. It is especially designed for gaming, multi-media, and music lovers.  

With XROUND, users are able to indulge in rich sound detail and savor high quality sound on any device, anywhere. Embrace Audio Lab’s leading technology offers universal compatibility to maximize use for what users already have in hand. We have also developed XROUND to eliminate the agonizing process of installing mammoth home theater systems or spending a fortune on audio gear with exaggerated reputations


Speaker mode


XROUND expands the “sweet spot” of stereo listening into a “sweet area”, offering a far more stunning experience.

Headphone mode

headphoneXROUND Headphone mode unleashes extra resolution and detail, enhancing the sound field and depth of any soundtrack. It upgrades any headphone set to premium performance, creating a captivating listening experience.

Please note the true experience would be far more powerful, as these videos are generated from simulations.


With XPUMP, users could feel the sound is coming from outside the speakers or a headphone and being embraced by the sound field. The angle of sound field expansion can be up to 300% of regular stereo.

Dynamic EQ

In the past, people needed to manually select their equalizer setting for favorite songs. Now XPUMP is able to dynamically adjust the equalizer setting according to the audio detail and sound field, constantly bringing the best audio representation to users.


XPUMP is capable of real-timely boosting the detail in every soundtrack to give people vicarious pleasure that they could only experience in a live concert, show, a theater, or a recording studio. The powerful audio algorithm is running on the dedicated dual core processor at the clock speed of 55.3 MHz, which automatically proceed and transform the melody every microsecond.


As a group of audiophiles, we repeatedly tested XROUND on numerous sound sources — including movies, video games and streaming music — for a very long time to ensure it achieves the highest sound quality.

To support better hearing for users, we designed XPUMP — a user-friendly audio booster that supports all speaker and headphone types. The thumb-sized XPUMP, which embeds XROUND technology, revolutionizes the audio industry.