The Smallest
Home Theater System


Transports into the gaming world

XPUMP immerses you in your favorite games by enhancing the details of every sound tracks and deepening every sound environment. XPUMP boosts the sound field from your stereo speakers up to 200 percent, giving you an entirely new listening experience.


The Smallest Home Theater System in The World.

The dual core processor embedded in XPUMP work every micro-second to enhance every audio detail, bringing you an immersive sound experience without acquiring expensive new equipment or spending hours running wires and installing speakers.


Live band is in front of you

XPUMP is capable of real-timely boosting the details in every soundtrack and giving people vicarious pleasure that they could only experience in a live concert, a live show, a theater, or a recording studio.


Real-timely analyze and turn any sound source into a home theater experience.


Plug and play. No extra setting or download required.


No proprietary audio format or codec needed.


Available on almost all types of stereo speakers, soundbars, and headphones.

Hear The Difference

Try XROUND audio with your laptop speaker or any stereo speaker and enjoy the magical sound field. Please note the true experience would be far more powerful, as these videos are generated from simulations.



Inputs 3.5mm AUX analog audio
Output 3.5mm AUX analog audio
Processor Dual core audio processors with clock speed of 55.3MHz
Sample Rates and Bit Depths 48KHz / 16bit
Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz, +/-0.1dB
Maximum Output power 25mW into 32 - Ω load
THD <0.01%, 20Hz - 20KHz, at max output
S/N >85dB, unweighted
Power Supply Rechargeable battery
(400mah Lithium-ion battery with UL1642 compliance)
Size 9.2 x 2.7 x 1.55 cm
Weight 35g

See how XROUND is embedded in an actual product, you will enjoy the powerful algorithm real-timely running with the stunning listening experiences.

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XPUMP is warrantied for one year.

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