How long is the XPUMP battery life?
XPUMP features 7hrs+ battery life.
  Does XPUMP work with other amplifiers ?
XPUMP can be connected between the audio source and your passive speaker amplifier.
  Is there a warranty for XPUMP?
XPUMP is warrantied for one year.
  Does XPUMP work with bluetooth headphones and speakers?
If your Bluetooth headphone has a 3.5 mm audio jack, XPUMP should work well. Otherwise, you will need to add an extra Bluetooth transmitter to pair with it. Bluetooth speakers such as Bose Soundlink mini and Jambox all work well with XPUMP as both of them have the most common 3.5 mm audio input.
  Can XPUMP pair with certain speaker, sound bar or headphone?
We have tried XPUMP with some popular speakers such as: Audio Engine A2, Bose soundlink mini, Jawbone Jambox, FOSTEX PM0.3, Altec Lansing VS3020/ VS2720, Edifier Luna Eclipse and harman/kardon SoundSticks III 2.1. >They all work together very well and match well with each other. XPUMP also works well with PS4 if you just add an optical-to-analog converter.
We also think XPUMP can also work with your 5.1/7.1 sound system although you might already be very satisfied with your original setting. As for headphones, we think theoretically any wired headphone can work with XPUMP.
Please let us know what kind of stereo speakers, sound bars or headphones you want to match XPUMP with. And our engineering team would get back to you very soon.
  Can I use XPUMP in my car?
We believe XPUMP can also work in your car sound system. And just to share with you that we have tried XPUMP with BMW Z4 and Lexus SUV, and XROUND DSP effect is enormous in those vehicles.
  Is XPUMP a dac, amplifier, or equalizer?
XPUMP is a smart audio processor, and not a dac, nor an amplifier or an equalizer. But XPUMP can work with your original amplifier or equalizer or without them.