Aerodynamic Earbuds

AERO by XROUND offers a new experience in personal listening.
Aerodynamic earbuds. High-Resolution Audio. Comfortable fit.
XROUND AERO adopts  aerodynamic and 3D tuning technology ,
giving you satisfied experience of music gaming and movie.

Secret of the Superlative Sound

AERO features aerodynamic design for a great sound and a comfortable fit, faithfully presenting the sound detail in a broad sound field to give you an immersive experience

A Premium Earbuds
for You

XROUND AERO is designed for your auditory needs, suitable for a variety of listening content. Everything about AERO is designed to provide the best possible audio experience, no matter what you’re playing — movies, music, games..

Best Music Experience

AERO faithfully presents the original sound, extending the sound field and allowing you to capture every detail of the music.

Make you Preemptive in Gaming

AERO precisely transmitted every sound detailed of gaming such as footsteps, knife slashing, gunshots or the subtle sounds of reloading by the enemy, making you preemptive to grasp victories.

Aerodynamic Technology

AERO boasts 3D acoustic tuning technology, which provides a full sound field with a pleasing ambiance. This technology brings clarity to music, enabling us to hear all of the instruments and voices, spatial direction to games to listen to every detail, and ambiance to movie soundtracks for an immersive experience.

Patented Precise
Aerodynamic Design

For sound that is unmistakably clear

AERO features patented single-unit air guided turning material that reduces excess vibration, optimizes high and low-frequency delivery, and enables dynamic and precise sound delivery.

Metal Nozzle SoundFocus

Sound will never be out of focus

Other earbuds are built from ABS plastic materials, which cause high-frequency power diffusion and frequency distortion.
AERO boasts an SPCC chrome steel structure that fully reflects high frequencies for a more focused sound.

Vortex Acoustic

Make the direction of the sound clearer

AERO uses aerodynamics to enhance the sound field, provide natural ambiance, and retain more high-frequency power.
Tapping into this science enables our earbuds to deliver greater detail and clarity for a better aural experience.

High Resolution Design

We found that by using a titanium coated PET vibration diaphragm and a magnetic exterior structure that AERO earbuds delivered greater control of the interior bore thereby enhancing vocal tracks.

3D Sound Tuning

AERO adds dimension to sound by delaying the decay of sound reverberation through 3D Cumulative Spectral Decay (CSD). The delay of the low frequency provides a clear bass signal and distinct sound, while the delay of mid- and high-frequency reduces potential abrasiveness to the ear, and a moderate reverberation of high frequency may give a more obvious sense of direction.

2D tuning is adopted for general earbuds

XROUND 3D tuning creates AERO earbuds

 Built for Comfort

When it comes to earbuds, comfort is just as important as sound quality. So, we’ve tapped the principles of design and aerodynamics to deliver earbuds that you’ll want to wear for hours. AERO comes with six earbuds — three designed for vocal reinforcement, three of our Dual Layer models — that feature a soft vinyl coating to deliver deeper bass and a broad sound field.

AERO Dual Layer Earbuds

Especially designed using dual layer earbud structure with different thicknesses to provide a large bass shocking listening experience.

Vocal reinforcement earbuds

The TPE soft vinyl with 20 degree hardness provides fine, distinct layers and a broad sound field tone of mid- and high-frequency.


Single bore Single bore
Response frequency 20Hz~40.000Hz
Resistance 20 Ohm
Sensitivity 103 dB
Chamber material Aluminum alloy shell
Wire used 99.9% (OFC) pure copper wire
Outside layer of wire Highly durable TPE
Microphone Single unit microphone
Connector Gold-coated connector
Length 1.2M

WHAT’s in the box